Hi there.
We are some guys from Berlin who want to create applications with the help of JUCE and PureData. Be it mobile apps, desktop apps, VST’s or AU Plugins. It’s all possible with JUCE!
But, because our C++ knowledge is limited, we liked the idea to use PureData for the audio engine part.

Therefore we created 2 projects:

1) The PD-Pulp plugin project, that enables you to run your own PureData Vanilla patches in a VST Plugin (Mac 32 bit so far only, other formats coming).

2) The JUCE-ibpd demo project that enables you to start creating your own plugins with JUCE and libpd.

If you want to contribute and help us with the development of the 2 projects you are more than welcome. We could need help from people creating ports for all kinds of platforms – out of the existing 2 projects.